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January 2013
text: Writer’s Digest: 9 Must-Follow Manuscript Rules
It’s a new year! Why not start it off right in terms of your manuscript? If you’re like me, your resolution was to complete y...
January 2013
text: New Frontiers In Book Publishing
Traditional book publishers are constantly riding a balancing act between what’s being considered politically correct and wha...
January 2013
text: New Year … New Beginnings … New Authors … New Predictions!
by LinDee Rochelle Some of you might recall that as a year-end roundup in 2008 I predicted great things for independent pub...
January 2013
text: Publisher’s Weekly: Self-Publishing Comes of Age
Infinity Publishing was quoted in Publisher’s Weekly regarding the changing face of the publishing industry as self-publishin...
January 2013
text: Sell the Book and Don't Forget the Reader
Mickey Spillane's series of Mike Hammer detective murder mysteries are acknowledged as one of the all-time top sellers in tha...
January 2013
text: Book Publishing - The Importance of a Web Site
by Dave Giorgio If you are an author, the importance of having a Web site can't be overvalued. These days, a Web site is li...
January 2013
text: What is BISAC? How about DRM? 7 Tips for Author Awareness
by LinDee Rochelle Sometimes the landscape of life – family, work, responsibilities, recreation (hopefully), and the myriad...
January 2013
text: Top Holiday Gifts for Writers
It’s the holiday season! It’s the time of year when we’re all contemplating what to get for that special someone. Well, if y...
January 2013
text: Audio Book Publishing - The Author as Reader
by Dave Giorgio I often receive questions fromauthors who wish to narrate their own books. Some of the questions are along th...
January 2013
text: The 5 Step Writing Process
Every writer has a different kind of writing process. Perhaps you draw an outline of the key plot points. Perhaps you start w...
January 2013
text: Proofing Your Proof Book
by LinDee Rochelle Ah, it’s a glorious feeling to hold your first proof bookin hand. You did it! You actually completed a w...
January 2013
text: The First Successful Commercial Publishers Were Book Vendors
by John F. Harnish Here’s a wee bit of publishing history. Once upon a time during the colonial days in America, stationary...
January 2013
text: Enhance Your Book with a CD Inside
A book with a related CD included can be a valuable enhancement to readers. The reader benefits provided by the enhanced mixe...
December 2012
text: Top Ten Writing Quotes
Inspiration can be hard to come by. More often than not, it is what writers strive to find. Gain inspiration from these words...
December 2012
text: Is your book cover worth a thousand words?
by LinDee Rochelle We write our books hoping to paint a vivid picture for the reader, with every thousand words. But when i...