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Publisher’s Weekly: Self-Publishing Comes of Age

Infinity Publishing was quoted in Publisher’s Weekly regarding the changing face of the publishing industry as self-publishing becomes more and more prominent.


The article, written by Jim Milliot and Michael Coffey states that “self-publishing industry is growing up in a hurry. Not only are more books than ever before being published by a growing number of self-publishing companies, but authors are becoming more knowledgeable about the publishing process and demanding more services from vendors.”


One of the growth areas of the industry is partnerships between self-publishing and traditional publishing companies. Another area that adds self publishing industry is education. According to the article. as this industry continues to expand, the education of its authors will be the first priority.


Infinity says: for small companies like his that get a slice of book sales, working with authors benefits everyone. "We want our authors to know we are on the same side of the table as them," Gutch says. "We make more money when authors sell more books."


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Source: http://blog.infinitypublishing.com/bloginfinitypublishingcom/bid/50871/Publisher-s-Weekly-Self-Publishing-Comes-of-Age